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About this course


A good web design training institute in Pune should help you achieve sound knowledge of the field with practical experience and project based expertise. We, at OES, offer hands-on, practical experience to our students by making them work on live assignments in our classes. Our students are work ready as soon as they finish the syllabus and avail of the job placement guarantee that we provide. With a good number of national and international placements in various MNC companies, we have a proven track record of successful, results-oriented training. Web designing is the art of designing, decorating and optimizing the front end of a website to make it look attractive, easily navigable and engaging. There is lots of competition among online businesses and every business wants to stand out and be unique to attract customers. To achieve this, businesses look for improving their website’s design through which, they can better the overall user experience and gain an edge over their competitors. Web designers play an important role in assisting businesses with their web design needs. Web designers plan, organize and create amazing designs, graphics, illustrations, videos and other content that is relevant to the website at hand. It is surely a specialized field and needs training and learning. Enroll in the all inclusive web design course at OES, and become a web designer that companies religiously want to employ!

  • Abobe Photoshop CC
  • Abobe illustrator CC
  • Dreamweaver CC
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • UI / UX Design
  • Creative Visualization
  • Adobe Flash CC
  • Responsive Design
  • With Live Project
  • Website Development ( PHP , .NET ,JAVA)
    • Practical training.
    • learn quickly with our excellent teaching methods.
    • Get 100% job placement guarantee.
    • Work on freelance projects.
    • Start your own business.
    • Get work from home, remote jobs!
      A trained web designer can work independently as a freelancer and take up clients online. Also, web designers are hired by companies to serve their website design, web application design and social media design needs. You can work as a:-
    • HTML programmer
    • Web designer
    • Web developer
    • social media designer.